15 Quotes To Remember When You’re Feeling Lost In Life
Everyone feels a little lost at some point during their lives and it is at these times that we truly begin to question ourselves and the essence of existence. Many who have gone before us have had to wrestle with these same feelings and, luckily for us, they have passed on their wisdom. Feeling lost
9 Toxic Habits You Need To Avoid
Staying positive isn’t always easy, especially in difficult situations. But there are several habits and behaviors that may be sabotaging your efforts. Recognizing these negative thoughts can help you put an end to self-inflicted negativity. To keep a positive mindset, here are nine toxic habits you
Buddho - Phra Ajaan Thate Desaransi
Buddho byPhra Ajaan Thate Desaransi (Phra Nirodharansi Gambhirapaññacariya)Translated from the Thai byThanissaro BhikkhuCopyright © 1994 The Abbot, Metta Forest MonasteryMetta Forest MonasteryPO Box 1409Valley Center, CA 92082USA For free distribution only. When you go to study meditation with any
Step Along The Path - Phra Ajaan Thate Desaransi
Steps Along the Path byPhra Ajaan Thate Desaransi (Phra Rajanirodharansi)Translated from the Thai byThanissaro Bhikkhu Copyright © 1994 The Abbot, Metta Forest MonasteryFor free distribution only. PrefaceThe little book you are now holding in your hand grew from the faith and conviction of a Westerner
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